Leisure riders make up the largest group of Icelandic horse owners in the UK, though many who classify themselves as leisure riders also take part in a wide range of disciplines such as Icelandic competitions, Le Trec, endurance riding, dressage, driving and cross country events, to name a few.

Regular hacking, competition in mainstream equestrian sports and participation in mainstream equestrian events are a great way to showcase the versatility and personality of the Icelandic horse and raise their profile in Great Britain. IHSGB members are encouraged to try new activities and to share their experiences in Sleipnir (the IHSGB members’ magazine) and on social media. Even better is when a group attend a mainstream equestrian event; there is something very engaging in seeing a group of Icelandics together! Attending local mainstream equestrian events with other Icelandic owners is not only a fun social occasion, but also an opportunity to learn and share experiences.

Leisure works very closely with education as many leisure riders wish to improve their skills and knowledge in order to get the best from their Icelandic horse, even if this is purely with the goal of improving their everyday riding for soundness or self-development rather than through any sporting ambition. Sleipnir and the IHSGB website events pages list the leisure, educational, breeding and sporting events available around the country – as do the various Icelandic based social media groups. We encourage all members to get involved in as many events as possible, you can liaise with your area rep to find out what is on near you or even consider organising your own event. Please contact office@ihsgb.co.uk if you are interested organising something, support is available if needed and possibly a grant to help with costs. The importance of being a participant or simply helping & spectating should not be underestimated as the calendar can only be expanded with the support of members. Please, don’t forget to share your adventures with others via Sleipnir and the IHSGB social media groups!

For the many leisure riders who already participate in traditional and emerging mainstream equestrian sports with your Icelandic, it is worth remembering that there is often an International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations equivalent class specifically for Icelandic Horses. The International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations is the world governing body and the IHSGB is one of more than 20 affiliated countries, this organisation is abbreviated to FEIF. Many of the FEIF classes are showcased at the annual British Championships & Summer Festival which is the highlight of the IHSGB calendar and well worth attending, if only as a spectator. If you are interested in how to make the crossover into FEIF classes and would like to either participate, spectate, or volunteer at this, or any event, please get in touch.

For those with barriers in attending the increasing numbers of organised specialised events for Icelandics being held across the country, there are a number of national online initiatives detailed below which allow you to feel part of a wider community, as well as providing opportunities to develop your skills and increase your knowledge:


Member Events to join in

A new series of online webinars available from the IHSGB, see here for more info.

Photo Competition

Theme – The Spirit of the Icelandic Horse
Deadline – 31st March 2020

In honour of the Day of the Icelandic Horse on 1st May 2020, the challenge is to capture what the Icelandic Horse means to you, in a photograph. This gives a broad remit for budding photographers to express what they most value in the Icelandic breed. IHSGB Members could have their photograph(s) included in Sleipnir and IHSGB promotional materials. You may submit as many entries as you would like before the closing date of 31st March 2020. Photos suitable for the front cover of Sleipnir would need to be in portrait aspect with as little distraction in the background as is possible, and of a high enough quality for reproduction. This means that photos taken from Facebook or Messenger will not meet the grade required. Entries should be emailed as an attached file to leisure@ihsgb.co.uk before the deadline of 31st March 2020. Good luck!

IHSGB Endurance League

1st November 2019 – 30th September 2020

IHSGB Members who compete in endurance can submit their scores for the IHSGB endurance league. Endurance pleasure rides, charity rides, and competitive rides are all eligible to be counted.

Don’t forget, the IHSGB membership benefits include vet certificates for endurance.

Please contact Rebekah Spowage at trec@ihsgb.co.uk if you have any questions and to submit your scores as often as you need to if it helps you to keep track! You can join in at any stage throughout the year and points may be backdated to the start of the challenge.


1st November 2019 – 30th September 2020

IHSGB Members who compete in TREC may submit their both their winter and summer league scores towards the IHSGB endurance league. In hand classes and starter or novelty classes are also eligible but please note, as these are unaffiliated classes they will accrue half the marks of affiliated classes (the raw score will simply be halved.)

Please contact Rebekah Spowage at trec@ihsgb.co.uk if you have any questions and to submit your scores on a quarterly basis. You can join in at any stage throughout the year and points may be backdated to the start of the challenge.

For those who enjoy TREC or horse agility, Track and trail is the closest equivalent class at the IHSGB British Championships and Summer Festival and has been of the most popular so well worth considering entering.

Track and trail is intended to show true partnership between horse and rider. The class will demonstrate a versatile Icelandic horse by combining a simple gait test plus negotiating a series of obstacles as a test of your horse’s obedience and trust in your guidance as their rider. It aims to be all-inclusive class and provides a great opportunity for those of you who have limited or no experience on the oval track to have a go in your best gait to receive a mark and comment from a qualified judge.

IHSGB Distance Challenge

Your everyday hacks and training rides can also be put to good use as you can submit your annual ridden mileage towards the IHSGB’s own Distance Challenge, read more here.

Countryside riding is a lesser known FEIF Sport in Great Britain. Details can be found on page 184 of the FEIF General Rules and Regulations. Sadly, there is not currently sufficient interest in Great Britain for this class to have been taken up here as yet.

FEIF Annual Virtual Ride

In August 2013, 26 UK riders took part in the ‘Ride to Berlin’ (the location of the Icelandic Horse World Championships 2013) and between them they achieved a total distance of 24,397.54km! In 2014, riders from the UK were joined by riders from the USA, Netherlands and Sweden in the Ride to Hella (the location of Landsmot in South Iceland). In 2015, there was also a virtual ride to Herning, Denmark, the location of the World Championships 2015. The FEIF virtual “Ride to Reykjavík” came to an end with the beginning of Landsmót on July 1st 2018 and the most recent FEIF virtual ride was the Ride to Berlin 2019.

Riders participate solo or in teams. Each rider or team rides out according to their own time and fitness, keeping track of the approximate distance covered on each ride. The distances are tallied up and logged via the Virtual Ride website each month. Riders and teams can track their own progress — and that of everyone else — on the scoreboard.

This is not a competition, but FEIF encourages all riders to join in the spirit of the fun that can be had along the way by sharing our passion for the Icelandic horse. ‘Hello Hella 2020’ is a Facebook group administrated by Gundula Sharman, the FEIF Director of Youth Work, where participants can share their experiences of this challenge. To find more information and sign up, go to https://feif-virtual.weebly.com/.

Dressage and Tölt Online

A growing number of IHSGB members participate in mainstream dressage competition and lessons. Dressage provides a focus on which to develop good riding skills and a balanced horse but has the added challenge of finding and keeping clear gaits when competing on a gaited horse!
FEIF has its own freestyle dressage and figures test options for Icelandics and the IHSGB offers a dressage class via Tölt Online (TOL). TOL is an online initiative in which you submit a video of yourself riding a test at your chosen location and then submit it to be assessed by an International judge. This allows everyone at every level, regardless of location, the opportunity to get feedback from an official judge. Given we have chosen a gaited breed, having this valuable online resource allows us to assess and improve the gaits whilst overcoming issues of location and so it is well worth participating. The FEIF regulations are different to those of British Dressage and can be found on page 174 of the FEIF General Rules and Regulations.


Thanks to increasing numbers of foreign breed classes in local shows, in hand and ridden showing of Icelandic horses is becoming increasingly popular in Great Britain. The IHSGB is a member of the Showing Council.

FEIF also has a Class FS3 – In hand showing in the dressage arena, details are on page 184 of the FEIF General Rules and Regulations. Sadly, there is not currently sufficient interest in Great Britain to make this a class that has been taken up here as yet.

Icelandic Horse Challenge Cup

15th November 2019 – 31st October 2020

The Icelandic Horse Challenge Cup (IHCC) is a joint initiative between Leisure, Education, and Sport. The IHCC recognises and encourages members who participate in education, sport, and Leisure events. In order to enter, simply record each of the Icelandic specific events and activities you have participated in in the qualifying period, refer to the points table for each and assign the relevant number of points to reach a total for the challenge. The IHCC requires a degree of goodwill and common sense to work to the spirit of the challenge as not all events/activities may have been listed given the events calendar and initiatives continue to evolve over time. If you participated in a type of activity that isn’t listed but that you feel follows the spirit of the challenge please ask, or include it in your submission to leisure@ihsgb.co.uk for adjudication.

Riders’ Camp

At the annual Leisure riding meeting in February 2020, it was decided that there would be a riders’ camp for experienced riders to be held in the beautiful mountains of Norway 19th-23rd August 2020. This camp is limited to only 60 participants from across the world so you are advised to send your application form in to leisure@ihsgb.co.uk and make full payment to FEIF as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Full details can be found here.

FEIF – Leisure Riding

At the FEIF conference in Malmö 2012 it was expressed very precisely by Sigurbjörn Bárðarson, who made a point of stating that professional horse men should be careful not to make riding too complicated for common people. The fact that riding is a source of joy and fun should be remembered and respected. FEIF formed the Leisure committee which continues to strive towards meeting the needs of those who consider themselves leisure riders. The IHSGB takes on this mantle for the UK which feeds into the FEIF Leisure Committee. Any suggestions for leisure initiatives in Great Britain would be very welcome, please send to leisure@ihsgb.co.uk.

In 2017 the FEIF Leisure Committee launched the Riding Horse Profile, a tool to help leisure riders find the best possible match when buying a new horse. You can read more about it here.