Here you can find all the recent results of resident British riders who have taken part in sport competitions in the UK and Internationally. Click on the links to download results from each competition as a pdf.

Results 2019

Winter Tolt (Midlands) Feb 2019
Winter Tolt (Midlands) Jan 2019
Winter Tolt (South) Jan 2019

Results 2018

Winter Tolt (South) Nov 2018
Winter Tolt (South) Oct 2018
Autumn Show, Sep 2018
Dutch Championships, Oirshot, Aug 2018
MEM, Austria, Aug 2018
Summer Festival and British Championships, June 2018
Extra WR British Championships, June 2018
Exloo Internationaal, May 18
Spring Show, May 18
Winter Tölt (North) Mar 18
Winter Tölt (North) Feb 18
Winter Tölt (North) Jan 18

Results 2017

ToltOnline and TTT Nov 17
Gæðingakeppni Oct 2017
ToltOnline and TTT Oct 17
OSI Gut Sandheide Sep 2017, Germany
Autumn Show Sep 2017
ToltOnline and TTT Sep 17
World Championships 2017, Oirschot
ToltOnline and TTT July 17
British Championships June 2017
ToltOnline and TTT June 17
Spring show May/June 17
Exloo International May 2017, Netherlands
ToltOnline and TTT May 17
ToltOnline and TTT Apr 17
ToltOnline and TTT Mar 17
ToltOnline and TTT Feb 17
Winter Tolt Series Feb
ToltOnline and TTT Jan 17
Winter Tölt Series Jan

Results 2016

ToltOnline and TTT Oct 16
Gæðingakeppni 2016
NE Scotland and Shetland Hest Fest Sep 2016
ToltOnline and TTT Sep 16
September Show 2016
MEM August 2016
ToltOnline and TTT July 16
British Championships 2016
British Championships Bonus Event 2016
ToltOnline and TTT May 16
Scotmót May 2016
Spring Show 2016
ToltOnline and TTT Apr 16
ToltOnline and TTT Mar 16
ToltOnline and TTT Feb 16
ToltOnline and TTT Jan 16

Results 2015

Gæðingakeppni Oct 2015
September Show 2015
World Championships 2015, Herning
British Championships and Festival 2015
Exloo Internationaal 2015, Netherlands
Isicup, Denmark
Isicup, Sweden
Spring Show 2015
Easter Show 2015
Winter tolt series March 2015
Winter tolt series February 2015

Results 2014

Gæðingakeppni Sep 2014
September Show 2014
British Championships and Festival 2014
Kronshof Special 2014, Germany
ToltOnline and TTT May 2014
Eddafield show May 2014
Tolt in Harmony April 2014
ToltOnline January and TTT scoreboard 2014
Winter tolt series March 2014
Winter tolt series February 2014
Winter tolt series January 2014

Results 2013

September Show 2013
World Championships 2013, Berlin
British Championships and Summer Show
Exloo International 2013, Netherlands
OSI Lingen 2013, Germany
Edda Hestar Easter Show