Our youth members are important for the future of the IHSGB. We’re committed to the development and welfare of our youth members.

We aim to provide our youth members with opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Icelandic Horse, improve their skills as riders and make friends! Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Organising the application, selection and arrangements for FEIF Youth Events
  • Running Youth classes at events such as the British Championships
  • Highest Placed Youth Awards at events
  • Youth E-bulletin


New! Youth E-bulletin!

Information sent directly to youth members and parents about IHSGB Youth.

  • Details of up-coming youth events, training opportunities, other events.
  • Application, selection and extra information for FEIF Youth Camp and Cup
  • Youth classes at events
  • News from FEIF and other FEIF member associations
  • New initiatives and ideas for IHSGB Youth

If you are a member of the IHSGB and would like to receive the Youth E-bulletin, you can sign up by sending an email to Becca at youth@ihsgb.co.uk.


FEIF Youth Events

As a member association of FEIF-International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, the IHSGB can select a certain number of our Youth members to attend FEIF Youth Events such as the FEIF International Youth Camp, FEIF Youth Cup and the FEIF Young Leaders Seminar. The Youth Camp and Youth Cup take place in alternating years, and are hosted by one of its member countries.


The IHSGB Youth Leader

The national Youth Leader sits on the board of trustees of the IHSGB. The Youth Leader is responsible for taking your comments, opinions and ideas to the trustee board monthly meetings, representing IHSGB Youth at FEIF, and helping the steer the direction of IHSGB Youth.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved, please email Becca at youth@ihsgb.co.uk.


FEIF Youth Cup

The  FEIF YouthCup 2020 will take place 18-26 July, in Vilhelmsborg, Denmark. It’s a week-long international event for riders aged 14-17 years, and consists of 3 days intensive training, followed by a 3 day competition. Participants are placed in international teams to encourage the young people to engage with riders from different cultures and traditions.

The language spoken throughout the week is English. Other events include an ‘international evening’ and an outing into the explore the surrounding area. The full invitation, including details of specific deadlines, the classes offered in the competition, an outline programme of the week and many more details has been sent to FEIF member countries are available through the link below. Applications can only be made through each country’s national Icelandic horse association. 

Interested in applying or have any questions? See the documents below or get in touch with our youth trustee at youth@ihsgb.co.uk.