2020 continues the IHSGB Education Initiative!

The IHSGB has committed to providing easier access to education for all owners, riders and lovers of the Icelandic Horse here in the UK.

At the AGM in November 2018, the IHSGB announced a new initiative to support and organise a number of courses with trainers for Icelandic Horses in a number of locations around the country, which we hope will help horse owners attend a course as close to them as possible. The locations we chose to start a pilot scheme were Shetland, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dorset, Spalding, Wales and Oxon/Bucks. Following the success of the courses, we will repeat the opportunity in 2020.

The courses will be for 10 people. The lessons will be arranged as the instructor wishes but we envisage each lesson will last for approximately 45 minutes. The instructors we are currently using are able to teach all levels and are experienced in holding courses:

Freija Thye – FEIF Level 3 trainer and Sport Judge A who now lives in Denmark. See here for more information.
Maaike Burggrafer – Icelandic Association of horse trainers the Félag Tammingamanna (FT) and FEIF Trainer / Instructor-A. Maaike is also a certified horse dentist. Maaike lives in Holland. See here for more information.
Baldvin Ari Gudlaugsson – Holds courses in initial training, preparation and training of competition and breeding horses, as well as lectures on horse breeding, raising young horses and marketing. He has been a very successful breeder and trainer of world class competition horses on his farm Efri-Raudilaekur, based in Iceland.

Please note: If you have suggestions for a trainer you’d like to see in the UK, please do get in touch on education@ihsgb.co.uk

The Society is already working closely with Area Representatives/local organisers in these areas to arrange these courses, however we are always looking for hosts and venues to help us!

Interested? Below is some information that may answer some of your questions…

How much does it cost?

Everyone is welcome to take part at a fixed cost of £170, irrespective of trainer/location. However, we are offering each course place to IHSGB members for a subsidised fee of £140 and on a first come first serve basis to members.

Who is the course for?

All courses will be based on riding and training your Icelandic horse to the best of your ability whatever your level or focus, so is suitable for all.

How do I book my place?

If you are interested in attending the course and want more information, please contact education@ihsgb.co.uk, or to book your place on a course. Payment will be made in full directly to the IHSGB. There is a non-refundable deposit of £40 (up to 30 days in advance of the course) should you not be able to attend, unless someone is able to fill your place from a waiting list etc. (you can of course fill vacant places with non-members if no other members wish to attend). If you cancel within 30 days before a course, we cannot always guarantee to be able to return your payment, unless there is a waiting list.

Will it be indoors or outside?

This is dependent on the location of the course, so please contact us for more information. Some venues also have an oval track.

Where will I and my horse stay?

This is dependent on the location of the course so please contact us for more information. All horses remain the responsibility of their owners at all times. Accommodation and meals are not included in the price quoted above.

How many courses can I attend?

Due to these courses being very popular and often oversubscribed. we are hoping to arrange more than one course in each area. Once courses are filled, there will be a waiting list for each subsequent course. If you do not manage to attend a course and there is a second course arranged, you will be given the first option to attend if you are on the waiting list. This is to enable as many people to as possible to enjoy a course. Once the waiting list has been fulfilled, you may be able to attend the second course even if you attended the first. Please contact education@ihsgb.co.uk.

Do I need my own insurance?

Participants should have their own third party liability cover in place to attend (eg; BHS Gold) and any other appropriate insurances to cover themselves and third parties. Our instructors have their own insurance for teaching. Some of the venues may also hold their own liability insurance but liability is not assumed in any way whatsoever by the organiser, the IHSGB or venue owner. Visitors accept any advice on their horse riding from these trainers at their own risk and it is their responsibility to assess their personal competence and that of any horse they are riding/handling in respect of any action taken.

What else do I need to know?

The IHSGB will be providing you with a link to a feedback form which we would love you to fill out after your course so that we can use your comments or suggestions to help us ensure future courses are better than ever.

Any young rider must be accompanied by an adult.

The organiser, venue owner or IHSGB cannot take responsibility for your saddlery, equipment, vehicles and/or trailers and their contents whilst attending the courses.

It is assumed that your horses will be fully vaccinated.

By reserving and paying for your participation you acknowledge that you have read, understood and will comply with the terms & conditions for bringing your own horse to the event.

Course Dates and Locations

7-8th March with Baldvin Ari Gudlaugsson, Risca, Wales

6-7th June with Maaike Burggrafer, Ladykirk, Borders

17-18th July with Maaike Burggrafer, Spalding, Lincs

8-9th August with Freija Thye, West Tarf, Edinburgh

19-20th September with Baldvin Ari Gudlaugson, Risca, Wales