Qualified trainers, instructors and industry professionals in the IHSGB

The IHSGB is committed to the development and education of its members in their knowledge and understanding of the Icelandic horse. The IHSGB is able to license Trainers/Instructors who have achieved FEIF Trainer/Instructor qualifications worldwide. For more information please see the trainer license page here.

Please note the IHSGB does not endorse any particular trainer. Enquiries about services, cost, insurance or any other questions should go direct to the individual using the contact details provided.

All trainers and instructors listed below are willing to travel.

Trainers/Instructors FEIF Level 1

  • Email address: fi@oldhillsicelandics.co.uk
  • Website: www.oldhillsicelandics.co.uk
  • Qualifications: B-instruktør (Denmark), FEIF level one.
    FEIF International Sport Judge
  • Services provided:
    Horse training
    Starting youngsters
    Ground work
    Riding instruction
  • Certificates/Insurance held: Freelance Instructor Insurance

Trainers/Instructors FEIF Level 3

  • Tel No: +353-892227119
  • Email address: info@disa-ihs.com
  • Website: http://www.disa-ihs.com/
  • Qualifications: International Breeding judge, Young horse trainer and Rider Trainer, Holar.
  • Services provided: International Breeding Judge, Young horse training, horse and rider training.

Young Horse Trainers

  • Tel No: 07736596351
  • Email address: hestamennskagb@gmail.com
  • Qualifications: Certified FT (Icelandic trainer association) young horse trainer
  • Services provided:
    Horse Training
    Young horse training
    Development of gaits
  • Tel No: 01559 362266 / 07787 336135
  • Email address: eddahestar@hotmail.com
  • Qualifications: Certified FT (Icelandic trainer association) young horse trainer
  • Services provided:
    Rider instruction
    Horse training
    Starting youngsters
    Groundwork etc.

Other Trainers

  • Email address: jemimaha@hotmail.com
  • Website: www.connegarfarm.co.uk
  • Qualifications: BHS Level 1, BHS Riding and Road Safety, trained to BHS Level 2. Magnus Skulason Icelandic Horse Academy.
  • Services provided:
    Rider Training, Horse Training
    Young horse training
    Development of gaits, ground work.
  • Certificates/Insurance held: Freelance Instructor and Rider Insurance, Care and Custody, CRB certificate.
  • Tel No: 01539624000
  • Email address: info@icelandichorses.co.uk
  • Website: www.icelandichorses.co.uk
  • Qualifications:
    Janice is a RWYM Bio mechanics Riding Coach qualified in
    1996, and a UKCC Level 2 Riding Instructor qualified in 2011
  • Services provided:
    Will tailor courses to individuals, people and/or horses for all levels and most ages.
    Facilities include, round pen, indoor and outdoor arena, 250metre oval track, 250 metre straight track as well as stables and 130 acres of grazing.
  • Email address: Mic@solva-Icelandics.co.uk
  • Website: www.solva-icelandics.co.uk
  • Qualifications/Experience: Riding, training and breeding Icelandics in the UK and abroad.
  • Services provided:
    Courses for all levels of horse and rider, nervous riders, oval track technique, drill riding, have-a-go shows.
  • Certificates/Insurance held: Instructor Insurance.