Welcome to the Young Rider Badges!

Young Rider Badge Levels


– Voluntary test
– Basic Icelandic Horse knowledge and riding skills

Level 2 (6 Years +)

– Required
– Basic understanding of Icelandic Horses
– Achieve confidence in handling and riding an Icelandic Horse
– Improve knowledge of and enjoy learning about Icelandic Horses

Level 2b Road Rider

– Required before Level 3
– Basic Road Safety and knowledge

Level 3 (8 Years +)

– Required before Level 4
– Developing a balanced seat independent of the reins
– Higher level of knowledge of Riding and Care of an Icelandic Horse

Level 4 Sport Rider


What do you need to know?

Young Rider Candidates can take Level 1 or Level 2 at any time. Young Riders can work with their usual local riding school instructors to take the exams for Level 1-3. For Level 4, it is recommended that Young Riders have instruction from a FEIF trainer.

No limit to number of times needed to pass or how quickly each level is taken in succession.

How do you enter?

Contact education@ihsgb.co.uk or youth@ihsgb.co.uk to register interest in the Young Rider Badges. You will be sent a pack with all the information you need for each level.

How will I be examined?

Where possible, IHSGB Young Rider Badge assessments will be via an online application:

– Videos which can be uploaded to Google Drive/YouTube etc. for the examiner to assess
– Online multiple choice or exam questions (where relevant)

Level 4 will be assessed in person.

Please note: Video’s must be supervised and taken by an adult.

How much will it cost?

For Level 1 to 2b – £10 (£12 non-members)
Level 3 – £15 (£17.50 non-members)
Level 4 – TBC

What do I get out of it?

Candidates will be awarded a Certificate and Badge upon passing.
Benefits will be available to Young Rider candidates who have passed!

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