Message from the chairman

Hi All – Further to my last message. Thank you for those members who have volunteered to take an integral part in the workings of our Society. We have received nominations to fill our advertised vacant posts on the Board but at the end of last month Kirsty Carson, our Youth trustee, also decided to stand down for business and personal reasons. I have been unable to persuade her to remain. So we have a further vacancy on the Board.

Kirsty has been responsible for some great work over the years she has been on the Board, including organising the FEIF Youth Camp in Edinburgh, and developing the Youth Facebook and website pages. I am sure that we shall continue to see her, and her boys, at competitions throughout the country in the future but for the time being she wishes to concentrate her efforts on her family.

If any member wishes to take an active role in the development of our Youth please contact either myself or our Secretary Debbie Ede.

For those of you that are unable to get to the AGM in Devon, particularly those of you in the North, please remember to send in your proxy voting forms, it really does make a difference.


Tim Hutchinson