Remember to get involved with Tolt Online and the new Tolt Training Test

This is a reminder that Tolt Online season has started again, with a range of tests including the new Tolt Training Test (TTT), which, along with the other tests, give riders of all abilities an opportunity to have something to work towards helping to improve their riding and their horse’s gaits.

The TTT is aimed to allow riders to compete against themselves and improve their own scores with feedback from trained judges and has been designed and tested by international Icelandic rider and World Championship medallist Bjorn Larsen who will also be giving regular riding tips on the website.

“What we are aiming for with the TTT is about showing that the rider and horse can manage to do clear beat tølt and show that the horse listens to the rider, and that the rider is riding in harmony, is balanced and sensitive. It’s a kind of dressage that is good for the Icelandic horses. WHY? We do it because these movements, the transitions and bending, help to produce a cleaner 4 beat tølt. The TTT will help you get the best from your horse and improve your riding.” (Bjorn Larson)

The test has been put together with the needs of riders in mind who want to improve their riding and enjoy tolt training, as well as for those who may be intending to take part in competition.

All tests will have a 6 week turnaround to give participants a chance to practice and upload their videos for feedback and scoring. Rosettes for all participants.

Take part wherever you and your horse lives!