TTT and ToltOnline latest!

The TTT leaderboard has been updated – well done to Dorothy and Jorfur who have managed to hold on to the top position but there is not much in it – well done to all the riders. The rosettes are on their way and they will be awarded a placing based on the latest marks. Please see the results under ‘Sport’.
The next deadline is 16 June, remember the test never changes – your aim is to better your own scores and improve your tolt training on the way. Give it a try!

While we wait for the Toltonline results for this month you can practice the next test!

Check out the enter a class page on the toltonline website, £10 a test with feedback and rosette for all competitors and a test for every level. You don’t need a fancy arena or transport, just do it from the comfort of your own field.
Entries close on 26 June.