Success: Charlotte and James at World Toelt, Odense!

11004747_10153110936949161_747627569_nCongratulations go to Charlotte Cook and her horse Sol fra Bakkeholm, who achieved the Bronze medal in the T2 at the World Toelt 2015 in Odense, Denmark this weekend. James Boas Faulkner also rode Byr Från Midgård into the final of the five-gaited stallion show.


The event in 2015 was the 8th of its kind in Arena Fyn and is the largest indoor show for the Icelandic Horse. The World Toelt for the Icelandic horse is a private initiative who’s purpose is to create an inspiring atmosphere presenting a comprehensive program including some of the world’s best riders, beautiful stallions, and as a whole to celebrate the Icelandic horse. The Stallion show preliminary is judged by the three judges, but in the final, the audience gets to choose who wins!


For more information, visit the World Toelt website here!