TTT and ToltOnline – With a new Four Gait test added and reduced entry fees, what’s stopping you?!

TTT-001There’s no need to wait until the next British Championships – get competing from home, with a range of tests to suit all levels with marks and feedback from trained dressage and Icelandic judges.


The Tolt Training Tests and Four Gait Test entries are due to be submitted on the last day of the month throughout the year with a leaderboard tracking the highest scores of all riders.


The four gait test is ideal for riders who want to experience training for the oval track from home and the Toltonline are dressage based tests tailored to suit the Icelandic Horse at three levels and are updated every other month.


Please note: The next deadline is 31 August and the entry fee for each test is now only £6.00 with Rosettes and Prizes awarded to winners at the end of the year!