GB Ranking 2015 winners results are in!!!

Happy New Year!!!

As part of the sport rider development incentive, we are able to announce the results of the GB Ranking 2015 and there are some new leaders!! This is a compiled list of results of IHSGB members from events that have taken place in Great Britain and includes all FIPO/WR, Non-FIPO and, for the first time, Tolt Online, TTT and Gaedingakeppni competitions!

We’re very pleased to be able to congratulate the winners for 2015:

FIPO/WR classes

Nadine Kunkel – DRES Walk, Trot, Tolt dressage

Rona Frame – FS1 Freestyle Dressage and Int4V4 Intermediate 4-gait

Janice Hutchinson – Int T7 Intermediate Tolt

Roger Bax – E4V5 Elementary 4-gait

Daisy Taylor – ETT8 Elementary Tolt

Aidan Carson – IntV3 Intermediate 4-gait

Celia Carlyon-Smith – IntT6 Intermediate Loose rein tolt

James Faulkner – F1/F2 Five gait, T1 Tolt and T2/T4 Tolt

Mike Adams – PP1 Pace test and P2 Speed Pass

Jemimah Adams – V1 4-gait


Non-FIPO classes

Kate Goldney – Tolt Training Test

Kim Willoughby – Tolt Online A

Maike Ahlgrimm – Tolt Online B

Cristina Edwards – Elementary 4-gait

Catherine Holland – Elementary Tolt

Jemimah Adams – Intermediate 4-gait, 4-gait and T2/T4 Loose rein tolt

Mike Adams – Tolt and Five gait

Mandy Slater – Intermediate Tolt T7


Gaedingakeppni classes

Andrew Nickalls – A-Flokkur

Jemimah Adams – B-Flokkur


Congratulations to all – Winners will be awarded a rosette!

For information on how the ranking is calculated, see the full list of results here. The list include results from a set number of years (even if there is only one result for a rider) so don’t be shy in taking part in events in 2016!!

Please note: If you DO NOT wish to be included in the GB ranking lists, please let us know ASAP on or and we will immediately remove you.