Sport Rider Development Programme update

The aim of this programme is to give any level of rider who enjoys Sport Riding an opportunity to develop themselves and their horses. It includes assessments of the rider and their horse in several areas – e.g. fitness, ability, skills – and tries to find specific ways to improve these elements in a measurable way. There is a focus on preparing for and riding FIPO tests at the appropriate level and oval track performance is videoed and discussed. Riders have a written revue and an agreed action plan.

This season, we have introduced an intermediate programme for riders who would like to know more about the basics of sport riding and want to go to competitions feeling more confident about what they are doing.

The events are held at Connegar Farm, Dorset and run by Jemimah and Mike. There is a limit on numbers.


Dates in 2016 are:

23/24 January

None in February

Date to be confirmed in March (intermediate)

Finally – No date as yet but one weekend might entail a combining of the two groups and involve a mini competition or something similar.


For more information please contact

Watch the website for more details.