FEIF Youth Cup 2016

Feif youth cup logoAs the countdown is on to FEIF Youth Cup 2016 in the Netherlands – IHSGB are hopeful to send a strong team of youngsters to the Cup!

We have had some strong applications, and look forward to announcing our small team in the weeks to come.


Youth Cup comes around every 2 years and is now known as a ‘mini world championships’ for riders aged 13 – 17 years of age.  Over the years, the competition has grown and many ‘new’ World Championship riders have previously been seen competing at the FEIF youth cup over the years – this is really the platform for emerging young sport riders!


It is a week-long event, where the riders and their horses arrive, train with top international trainers, train some more, have fun – then compete in a tournament at the end of the week.  There is a twist though….once arrived at Cup, during the day; all competitors are split from their National teams to International teams!!  This creates new friendships and a strong team feeling.  With appointed Team Leaders for each team, a new bond is created – but don’t be fooled – it’s just as competitive!!


How would you like to sponsor our team?  Know someone who would like their business promoted on the team clothing?  We are seeking sponsorship to assist our young sport riders to achieve their dream of attending Cup.  If you are interested, then please contact Kirsty on youth@ihsgb.co.uk .


We look forward to being able to strongly represent IHSGB at the International FEIF Youth Cup.


Good luck to the hopeful team members!  Watch the web for announcements of the team soon….