Updates from the FEIF Youth Cup 2016, Exloo, The Netherlands.

Our youth have been at the FEIF Youth Cup for a few days now and here are their updates on their activities so far:

Day one of training at Youth Cup! Both Cory and Crissie had a good day. We had to change one horse, but it’s worked out well and training was great! A long day followed by the first part of ‘countries evening’. GB finished the presentation with an en-masse ‘Strip the willow’! Not sure it was all in time, but with almost 80 dancers…we did a good job!! We look forward to more training tomorrow! Happy team at Cup 😊

Day two: a very busy day of training today! Everyone is having a good time and working hard in the training, learning new things. This evening there are different workshops taking place… Shoeing, AI and riding in balance. The days and evenings are full! 😊

What an amazing opportunity for our youth and we look forward to hearing more about it!