GB Ranking results 2016!

Happy New Year!!! The results are in for the GB Ranking 2016 and we have some new leaders!

This is a compiled list of results of IHSGB members from events that have taken place in Great Britain and includes all FIPO/WR, Non-FIPO and Tolt Online, TTT and Gaedingakeppni competitions!

We’re very pleased to be able to congratulate the winners for 2016:

FIPO/WR classes

Philippa Pringle – DRES Walk, Trot, Tolt dressage

Rona Frame – FS1 Freestyle Dressage and Int4V4 Intermediate 4-gait

Janice Hutchinson – Int T7 Intermediate Tolt

Roger Bax – E4V5 Elementary 4-gait

Daisy Taylor (Y) – ETT8 Elementary Tolt

Freija Glansdorp – IntV3 Intermediate 4-gait

Ellen Brimble – IntT6 Intermediate Loose rein tolt

James Faulkner – F1/F2 Five gait, T1 Tolt, T2/T4 Tolt and V1 4-gait

Mike Adams – PP1 Pace test and P2 Speed Pass


Non-FIPO classes

*JOINT* Rona Frame and Kate Goldney – Tolt Training Test

Dorothy Thomas – Tolt Online A

Maike Ahlgrimm – Tolt Online B

Rona Frame – Elementary 4-gait

Yvonne Archibald – Elementary Tolt

Cory Carson (Y) – Intermediate 4-gait

Jemimah Adams – 4-gait, T2/T4 Loose rein tolt and Tolt

Mike Adams – Five gait

Phil Butler – Intermediate Tolt T7

Nadene Butler – Intermediate loose rein tolt


Gaedingakeppni classes

Mike Adams – A-Flokkur

Jemimah Adams – B-Flokkur

Ann Savage – C-Flokkur


Congratulations to all – Winners will be awarded a rosette!

For information on how the ranking is calculated or to see the full list of results click here. The list include results from a set number of years (even if there is only one result for a rider) so don’t be shy in taking part in events in 2017!!

Please note: If you DO NOT wish to be included in the GB ranking lists, please write to and we will immediately remove you.