New Team Test for the Summer Festival 2017!

IHSGB Summer Festival – “Team Test 2k17”

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New for 2017!!!

A new element of competition will be introduced at the IHSGB Summer Festival this year – a Team Test.

Each entry in to a class will be randomly selected to form a team!  This will take riders from each level of competition and also anyone contributing towards the Festival (i.e anyone who pays a base fee!).

Team photo

How will it work?!?!

Six teams will be created

  • Riders entered in to Sport A will be randomly divided in to 6 teams, Team A, B, C etc, added to the teams will be sport B riders, sport C, young riders, volunteers etc (actual number of people per team will be known once entries are closed).
  • Teams will be announced on Friday – prior to the Festival opening.

o   Teams will then be encouraged to create a name based on their allocated letter, get to know each other and begin their battle plan!

  • Each time a team member competes – their score will be added to the team overall score (preliminary scores only).

o   Where a rider has more than one horse entered – only their highest scoring horse will be used to calculate team points.

  • On Saturday evening there will be a ‘Team Test’ that each team must complete – gaining valuable points for their overall score.

o   The ‘Team Test’ will not involve horses – but skill, intelligence and some fun!

  • During the final presentations on Sunday – the overall winning team will be announced.


This will be fun and the onus will be on the teams to support their team mates and gain the most overall points to be crowned the winners!  Good luck!