Sports Squad application FAQs

Having read the Sleipner article on the Sports Squad, or seeing the IHSGB Official Facebook Page Event, we have had a number of questions asked.  

Here’s a guide to help answer some of those questions.


Who is this for?

All IHSGB members with an Icelandic Horse are welcome to join


Can I join later in the year?

Submission date is fixed in stone – no late entries.  So if you miss it this year, you will need to wait to see if we run a 2019 programme


Is there a cost involved?

There is no monetary cost involved in joining the programme.  But you should be prepared to commit time to the programme.  Costs will be incurred when you attend events – but these are not compulsory


Do I have to send a video?

The introduction video requested from applicants will be treated in confidence and is not for sharing.  It will be used as a guide to determine which level of squad people should be in, so we can tailor the programme to their abilities


How long does the programme last?

Subscription is for one year – we review the programme annually.  


Is my Application part of a selection which may mean I might not be chosen?

There is no limit to numbers, the programme cannot be over subscribed.  A lot of the programme will be done online via discussion etc, therefore this does not limit numbers.  The only criteria is that you have to be a member of the IHSGB, and have an Icelandic Horse to ride


I’m not sure if I have any Competition results?

This can be from anything that an Icelandic Horse Judge has judged eg:  Summer Festival/British Championships, Oakfield, Etal, Tölt in Harmony.  Anything that is specific to Icelandic horses.  It is to give guidance on what you have done, how they have been judged and at what level we will encourage them to participate


The Oval tracks in the UK are too far for me to travel to?

It’s not just about oval / pace track – the majority of what we would like to achieve can be practiced in a riding arena…..which could be anywhere in GB! Where there are clusters of people in local areas, practical clinics will be offered at an area convenient to the majority – or at more than one venue with same content.


Is the sport programme exclusively for people intending to move into the Sports team at a higher level?

No, it’s open to any member wanting to develop their Icelandic Horse riding skills.  We are reaching out to members across all different levels of performance.  We hope to cater for all, at all stages of their riding abilities.


I don’t want to compete but I do want to develop and learn to a high standard. I’m more than a happy Hacker. Can I join?

Yes!!  Most importantly, it is about encouraging people to develop – if this is not on to the competition tracks, then that’s ok……but who knows… might just help unlock the will to give it a go…..but measured riding as such is sport – so if it leads to more people keen to try competition, then great – but if it simply helps people focus on how to attain the goal, then fine too!


What happens if I am unable to continue midway through the programme due to illness of horse or rider?

No problem – if you are unable to continue, just let us know


More about the Programme

The squad – although through the sport department – is not about ‘Team GB’ – this is something separate.  The idea of the squad is to encourage anyone, at all levels, that has an interest in developing and then hopefully performing in competition.  Gaits are judged in competition, from a Have A Go Show to our National Championships – so to have a better understanding of how we can achieve a better performance with our Icelandic Horse is key.  Also knowing the level of development we can achieve from the start, to demanding more of ourselves and of our horses,  and the likely journey this will take.


Next steps?