Equine Influenza Outbreak

The IHSGB is aware of the current ongoing Equine Influenza outbreak in the UK. This is a fluid situation that is constantly evolving, so we advise you to visit the Animal Health Trust website for overall advice, precautions and updates. Yesterday, the AHT released this statement, found at https://www.aht.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Equiflunet-update-10-02-19.pdf, and this morning it was announced by the British Horseracing Authority that a risk-managed return to racing  will be allowed from tomorrow (Wednesday 13th).

This information may be changed as the situation evolves, so we urge you to keep up to date by visiting the website at https://www.aht.org.uk/.

You can read more about the Animal Health Trust on the Government site which also has some informative links: http://apha.defra.gov.uk/vet-gateway/surveillance/experts/equine.htm

Thank you