The first course of the IHSGB Education Initiative 2019 is a success!

Last weekend, the first of the IHSGB Education Initiative 2019 courses was held at Connegar Farm, Dorset, with Freija Thye from Denmark. The weekend was hugely successful and the participants all felt they had a great educational and fun weekend. This course consisted of two 45 minute lessons in pairs on the Saturday, and one lesson, either 30 minutes individually or another 45 minute session in pairs, on the Sunday. The trainer was excellent at pitching the training at the right level for the rider and/or horse and everyone learnt a lot from the weekend, even those spectating. We’d like to thank Connegar Farm for hosting the course and Freija for coming to teach! We look forward to the next IHSGB course, which is in Wales in June with Baldvin Ari Gudlaugsson. If you are interested in any of the education courses, please contact