2020 FEIF breeding assessment (FIZO) – deadline 10th December 

As announced at the IHSGB AGM; we’re holding an official breeding assessment in 2020!

When:  Late April or early May
Where: TBC, but we’ll agree a location that works best for the most people
What assessments are available:

  • Full FIZO breeding assessment (ridden abilities and conformation) for horses 5 yrs and older
  • Conformation assessment only
  • Young horse assessment (up to 4 years old)

It will be judged by 2 international FEIF breeding judges.

Depending on interest, we can offer:

  • Monthly telephone conference calls to discuss preparation/training up to the show, shoeing, feeding and anything else you are not sure about or might want to ask
  • Training package including professional presentation of your horse at the assessment
  • Just presentation of your horse at the assessment

Please let us know until the 10th December (breeding@ihsgb.co.uk) if you are interested in participating – this doesn’t commit you, it’s just to help us work out the details. Please tell us:

  • How many horses you want to present
  • Name(s) of horses (so we can lookup their age/etc.)
  • Which assessment  – full, conformation or young horse
  • If you would be interested in
    1. Telephone conferences,
    2. Training package
    3. Having your horse presented for you


We’re looking forward to hearing from you and hope that we can make this an exciting and interesting event next year! At this point we’re just looking for initial interest, so even if you’re not 100% sure – get in touch.

IHSGB breeding team