New webinar – Managing sweet itch in Icelandic horses

When: 9th April 7:30pm
Where: Online
Hosted by: Mic Rushen

With differing degrees of sweet itch reactions, horse personalities, the environment within which you keep your horse and your local weather patterns; its difficult to know what will work best for your individual Icelandic. Mic has years of knowledge and previous owner of Solva Sweet itch rugs. With a wealth of knowledge, Mic can help you put together a toolbox of ideas and thoughts on how best to manage and keep your horse comfortable. Mic has one sweet itch ‘rule’ which can be used is almost every situation. Come learn what that is, to ensure the safeguard of all that lovely Icelandic mane and tail. A great webinar for those new to sweet itch, or who have experience to help share their practices.

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