New webinar – Positive reinforcement Training (PRT)

When – 7:30pm, 30th April 2020
Hosted by – Mary Concannon

WHAT IS PRT? PRT simply means that the animal, Horse, Dog or even Human, is rewarded for desirable behavior. In clicker training we add a marker signal, which tells our horse exactly when they have done the behavior we want and we offer them a reward. It’s a little like the game many of us played as children where you were directed to an object by someone telling you that you are HOT, meaning you are heading in the right direction, or COLD, going the wrong way. These simple cues helped us to be successful.

Rewards can vary, marker signals can vary and we can set up our learners for success. But ultimately our horses are reinforced for getting the right answer and are therefore, highly motivated to repeat the desired behavior.

We will look at a little of the science behind positive reinforcement training and the basics of how to apply it to you and your horse in a learning situation.

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