Summer Festival Deadline 13th September

The IHSGB Summer Festival of the Icelandic Horse draws near. We welcome everyone who is an enthusiast of the Breed.

Note to all who wish to attend in any role: it is a Covid requirement that everyone is pre-booked. All forms are available here on the website.

Riders taking the first step onto the Oval track: deadline for booking is this Sunday, 13th September 2020.  There is plenty of socially distanced room for paddocks and camping, and there are a few stables left also.

Riders booked: please check your email for confirmation of your booking. It contains a link to complete your classes, AND send your horse passport details. Complete your catering form too, if required.

Volunteers: thank you so much for joining into the organisation of the Summer Festival. We have your details and will allocate roles soon.

Pre-booked Spectators welcome: due to COVID Track and Trace we need to have you booked in. The price for Spectators is £25 for the weekend, or £15 for the day. Book

All: Catering has been confirmed by Sarah, Linnie and Jan. The Pavilion will be used to ensure safe collection of food.

It’s a great starter event to take that first step into Oval track riding. We also are very grateful and thank our International Judge for undergoing quarantine after the Summer Festival. Our friends, and fellow members who are taking the IHSGB Regional Judge exam, are also preparing hard too.

We look forward to seeing you at the IHSGB Summer Festival. Please be assured we are working with fellow Equestrian bodies in following current government guidelines.


IHSGB Sport and Communications Team.