IHSGB Sport drives forward with new Competition Judges announced.

The Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain (IHSGB) is pleased to announce four newly qualified Regional Sport Judges. This is the first time the IHSGB has been able to run a long term sport judge training programme, and the successful judges are the first newly qualified in twenty years.

In February 2019, the IHSGB began a two-year online Sport Judge training programme with International Sport Judge Fi Pugh. The participants studied the FEIF sport rules & regulations, the Sport Judge Guidelines.  They learnt how to analyse the Icelandic horse’s gaits by eye and with the help of LAP (lateral advanced placement) analysis, and to assess ridden performances both on video and at live competitions.

The training programme will continue, and the goal is for regional judges to be ready to take the FEIF National Sport Judges’ Exam in the future.

Congratulations to the IHSGB’s new Regional Sport Judges: Jemimah Adams, Mike Adams, Becca Hughes, and Harriet Vincent.