The Sport Judge Training Initiative continues!

Following the success of the Sport judge training programme in 2019 & 2020, the IHSGB plans to start a
new Sport Judge Training Programme with Fi Pugh during 2021 and 2022.
Phase 0ne 2021 starting Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 8 p.m.
The following will be covered in twelve weekly live Zoom sessions (Wednesday evenings) throughout the
early part of 2021. Sessions will be recorded & made available for the trainee judges to watch again. We
shall also form a closed Facebook group for sharing information, informal discussions, viewing videos etc. If
you do not wish to join this group you will be at a disadvantage and miss out on quite a bit of useful extra
training and tips.
● Introduction to judging: What it entails, qualities required of a judge, FEIF rules, the sport judge
guidelines, competition classes
● Evaluation of the gaits – tölt, trot, walk, canter, pace
● Evaluation of horse & rider and a competition performance
● Familiarisation with the judges’ guidelines – general guideline rules, connection between horse
and rider, beat and balance, outline and movements, suppleness and relaxation , execution,
equipment & shoeing rules, head judge tasks.

Those who have completed Phase One may continue with Phase Two in 2022 which will consist of eight
Zoom consolidating what they learned in Phase One, judging horses on video and revising theory.
Judge trainees will be expected to attend competitions where possible and Covid permitting, in order to
gain practical experience. They may be asked to write for judges.

Registration fee to the Sport Judge training programme of £19.99 and Phase one fee £60 for 12 sessions.
If you wish to register to join, please contact Debbie Ede on