The IHSGB Icelandic Horse Challenge Cup This Cup is awarded at the AGM in November of each year to the person with the most points. You gain points by participating in activities throughout the year. It’s not just for riders. E.g. If you produced an article and it was published in the Sleipnir magazine, you would gain five points.

The Icelandic Horse Challenge Cup (IHCC) is a joint initiative between leisure, education and sport. The IHCC exists to recognise and encourage members who participate in Icelandic events and activities.  This challenge requires a degree of goodwill and common sense to work to the spirit of the challenge as not all events or activities may have been listed yet as the events calendar and initiatives continue to evolve over time! If you participated in an activity that isn’t listed, but that you feel follows the spirit of the challenge, then email us at to review it for inclusion.

How do I enter?

Record each of the Icelandic specific events and activities you have participated in in the qualifying period, refer to the points table for each and assign the relevant number of points to reach a total for the challenge and submit your total to by 11.59pm Sunday 31st October 2021. Please include your postal address with your entry if you would like a rosette sending.

What is the qualifying period?

14th November 2020 – 31st October 2021.

How do I score it?

Here’s our scoring matrix 2020 -2021:

Some activities can only be counted a limited amount of times within the qualifying period, the maximum number of times an activity can be counted is shown in brackets. All other activities can be counted every time you participate in that activity, without limit.
5 points10 points15 points25 points30 points
Entered an IHSGB photo competitionHelped to organise an IHSGB eventEntered an Icelandic Have-a-Go show or non-IHSGB competitionRidden at an IHSGB display eventCompeted at the IHSGB British Championships (1)
Had an article published in SleipnirBeen a IHSGB volunteerParticipated in a 2 Day Icelandic Horse training course/lessonEntered a horse(s) at an IHSGB Breeding event/assessmentsCompeted, or attended the riders’ meet at the World Championships (1)
Spectated at an Icelandic Horse training courseEntered IHSGB Tölt OnlineCompeted in a Winter Tölt seriesCompeted at a FEIF event aboardAttended the FEIF Riders Camp
Entered the IHSGB Distance Award (1)Attended the IHSGB AGM in person (1)Completed a phase of the IHSGB Sport judge training programRidden participation at an IHSGB Education Hub eventAttended the FEIF Youth Camp or Cup (1)
Attended an IHSGB online event (webinar, quiz, etc.)Attended a FEIF event abroadCompleted a phase of the IHSGB trainer training program
Ridden on an Icelandic Farm riding tourMentioned by name with your horse in the mainstream press or a local newspaper (Added bonus of 5 points if the IHSGB is also mentioned)Passed a level of the IHSGB Young Riders Badges
Taken your Icelandic on a riding holiday of more than 2 nights with IcelandicsCompeted in a foreign breeds class in a mainstream show (online or in person)
Attended the IHSGB AGM online (1)Taken part in a IHSGB or FEIF virtual Ride
Used Amazon Smile with the IHSGB as chosen charity (1)Attended an IHSGB non-ridden seminar, talk or training day in person
Played the IHSGB lottery (12)
Entered a photo in the IHSGB Online Show (8)