New for 2020 the IHSGB is running a series of webinars with an online presentation followed by a Q&A, members can join online or dial in by phone. We’re still working on the full schedule, but new webinars will be announced via our eBulletin, website and Sleipnir magazine as they’re added. Please note, these webinars are organised by the IHSGB and intended as a forum to promote thought and discussion but do not necessarily represent the views of the society.

Webinar schedule

Considerations when importing an Icelandic horse – March 26th

When – 7:30pm, 26th March 2020
Hosted by – Mic Rushen

Get some valuable insights into the process of importing an Icelandic horse.

Managing Sweet Itch in Icelandic Horses – April 9th

When – 7:30pm, 9th April 2020
Hosted by – Mic Rushen

With differing degrees of sweet itch reactions, horse personalities, the environment within which you keep your horse and your local weather patterns; its difficult to know what will work best for your individual Icelandic. Mic has years of knowledge and previous owner of Solva Sweet itch rugs. With a wealth of knowledge, Mic can help you put together a toolbox of ideas and thoughts on how best to manage and keep your horse comfortable. Mic has one sweet itch ‘rule’ which can be used is almost every situation. Come learn what that is, to ensure the safeguard of all that lovely Icelandic mane and tail. A great webinar for those new to sweet itch, or who have experience to help share their practices.

Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) – April 30th

When – 7:30pm, 30th April 2020
Hosted by – Mary Concannon

WHAT IS PRT? PRT simply means that the animal, Horse, Dog or even Human, is rewarded for desirable behavior. In clicker training we add a marker signal, which tells our horse exactly when they have done the behavior we want and we offer them a reward. It’s a little like the game many of us played as children where you were directed to an object by someone telling you that you are HOT, meaning you are heading in the right direction, or COLD, going the wrong way. These simple cues helped us to be successful.

Rewards can vary, marker signals can vary and we can set up our learners for success. But ultimately our horses are reinforced for getting the right answer and are therefore, highly motivated to repeat the desired behavior.

We will look at a little of the science behind positive reinforcement training and the basics of how to apply it to you and your horse in a learning situation.

Please register 48 hours before at

Body awareness – May 14th

When – 7:30pm, 14th May 2020
Hosted by – Mary Concannon

Horses are extremely body aware. One small flick of the mare’s ear and watch the gelding in the same area scurry away! They are also aware of our bodies and how we are standing and feeling. This will be an active webinar where I will introduce you to how to check out your own balance and teach some simple techniques to become much more grounded.

Have you ever asked yourself what it feels like to be your horse on the other end of the leadrope? See if you can grab a partner for this bit. Also we will look at how the horse’s emotions can affect how and what they feel down a lead rope.

Please register 48 hours before at

Ground work, poles & jumping – June 11th

When – 7:30pm, 11th June 2020
Hosted by – Harriet Bye

Our IHSGB member Harriet Bye will talk through her own experiences. Going back to basics to flying high. We often focus too hard on work under saddle; but we’re asking our horse to trust at a level we maybe haven’t yet earned. ‘Pace’ yourself to establish manners, building your way to a better riding relationship using poles in different ways.

Please register 48 hours before at

Showing your Icelandic horse – June 25th

When – 7:30pm, 25th June 2020
Hosted by – Harriet Bye

Our next webinar is hosted by our IHSGB member Harriet Bye. Join us as we Tölt into the mythical world of Showing. A light hearted look at preparation, including tips and tricks, in the ring showing off your best assets. And also a Judge’s insight into what they’re really thinking. Both Harriet and her mother have years of Showing Icelandics, Big Horses and Dogs, so a wealth of knowledge to tap into.

Please register 48 hours before at

Organising an Icelandic event – 3 parts in July & Aug

When – 8pm, 22nd July, 5th August & 13th August 2020
Hosted by – Karen Milne & Fi Pugh

Calling all event organisers & potential event organisers!

A three part online course on how to organise Icelandic Horse events. Cost will be between £15-20 depending on final numbers. If we can’t compete much this year at least we’ll be organised for next! And remember IHSGB offer grants to members to help towards gait training events.

Please contact Karen Milne on to register.



How do I join a webinar?

Just email at least 48 hours before the event to register for a webinar, you’ll be sent your joining instructions and a link via email.

What if I miss it or want to watch it again?

All our webinars are recorded and will be available online in the members area on our website. To access the members area you’ll need the password on the bottom of your ebulletin email, or just message for a reminder.

I have an idea for a webinar!

Great! We’d love to hear your suggestions for topics and hosts – just send them to . If you don’t have a speaker in mind, but there’s topic you’d really like to hear more about, we’d still love to hear it.