Sport and Competitions

While Icelandics can and do compete in all sorts of disciplines and suitable classes at ordinary horse shows, there are also special competitions held purely for the breed, designed to show off the gaits and are judged on the quality of the gaits and the partnership between and horse and rider. This is a horse bred for use, not show – the Border Collie of the horse world.

The IHSGB holds a British Championships every year (which is a qualifier for the World Championships, held every two years) and there are local shows too with classes suitable for all riders, from beginners to experts. As well as the “serious” classes there are also fun classes such as the Beer Tölt.

Competitions are held on 250m oval or straight tracks, and there are a variety of classes suitable for all standards of horse and rider. Have a look at the FEIF Sport pages to find out more about the sport classes available for Icelandic Horses, rules for competition, lists of qualified sport judges etc.

The Sport Group encourages you to organise small or larger events and if you need any guidance or help, check out the Sport Resources page here or don’t hesitate to get in touch with the sport group at

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If you’d like to join the Sport Squad in 2018, you can find all the information here.

Don’t forget to check out the results of GB Riders in recent competitions, as well as the GB Ranking and FEIF world ranking to see how our members are doing!

FEIF Good and Harmonious Riding

Since 2012, FEIF has been proud to present riders nominated for Good and Harmonious Riding. Judges at WorldRanking events can nominate riders to be included in the list because of their fine riding style. This is independent of the test or the marks given. Every year a fresh list is started; 78 riders were nominated for Good and Harmonious Riding in 2014, including two riders from Great Britain and 105 in 2015! Click here to see the list.