As space on some of the IHSGB Championship trophies reaches bursting point and will ultimately be replaced, here we wanted to honour those riders who have succeeded in past British Championships, so that they would not be forgotten. The list will be updated as trophies are replaced:


Year Rider Horse
1995 Mic Foot Solvi
1997 Mic Foot Solvi
1999 Gina Bourde Dimma
2002 Gina Bourde Dimma
2003 Iris Ashman Kari
2004 Mandy Slater Yma
2006 Iris Ashman Kari
2007 Mandy Slater Yma
2008 Iris Ashman Columbus
2009 Iris Ashman Kari
2010 Elizabeth Adams Odinn
2011 Jemimah Adams Draupnir
2012 Charlotte Cook Sol
2013 Charlotte Cook Magnus
2014 Mike Adams Stapi
2016 Jemimah Adams Draupnir
2017 Ann Savage Lipurta
2018 Jemimah Adams Fjolnir


Year Rider Horse
1993 Clive Phillips Indaell
1995 Mic Foot Kalsi
1997 Smari Steingrimsson Fagri-Blakkur
1999 Mike Adams Glaesa
2002 Mike Adams Glaesa
2003 Mike Adams Havardur
2004 Smari Steingrimsson Svartur-Petla
2005 Smari Steingrimsson Dropi
2006 Mike Adams Havardur
2007 Iris Ashman Columbus
2008 Laura Moss-Bromage Huni
2009 Laura Moss-Bromage Huni
2010 Fi Pugh Erro
2011 Fi Pugh Erro
2012 Charlotte Cook Halastjarna
2013 Charlotte Cook Magnus
2014 Smari Slater Hvitserkur
2015 James Faulkner Leikur
2016 Charlotte Cook Jimmy
2017 Jemimah Adams Hafeti
2018 Mike Adams Kafteinn