Beware of Imitations! – a genuine Icelandic horse must have a passport which shows its bloodlines can be traced back to horses in Iceland. Usually that passport will be from the IHSGB (or another national Icelandic horse society if the horse is not British-bred). All registered Icelandic horses are entered into WorldFengur, the international database of Icelandic horses (IHSGB members have free access to this database). If you are considering buying a horse or pony which has been advertised as an Icelandic and you are not sure of its breeding, please contact the IHSGB studbook for clarification.



Loppa, blue dun mare.  She’s 5 gaited, born 2014, around 14.1hh and nicely put together (medium build).  She’s not a horse for a nervous rider as she can be strong in company and when excited, but she’s super steady and unfazed by pretty much anything.  She’s been out and seen the world and done a couple of shows with some success.
She’s very friendly and loves being handled, she’ll stand all day to be brushed and fussed, but she’s a little rocket to ride.  Forward, positive and happy to go.  It’s very important to us that she goes the right person.  You will need to be calm, confident, kind and have some experience of Icelandic horses (there will also be a weight limit of 15 stone). If you might be interested in coming to see her, please either email us on or phone 07423 277484.
Added 12 August 2021

 Connegar Farm

Often has horses for sale, see for more information or email


Pentland Hills Icelandics

Pentland Hills Icelandics has run out of trained horses for now after a rush over the summer and fantastic new homes coming forward. Now we have youngsters growing up and they will be trained here at five and then ready to move on to a forever home. You can show interest now if you so wish.

Good reasons for buying from PHI are if you wish your horse to –

  • be trusting and trustworthy and to be friendly yet respectful
  • respond to light aids with calm confidence
  • be well balanced in mind and body
  • love exploring, hacking out and eager to learn different activities
  • have good easy gaits
  • thrive in a healthy robust environment
  • be calm and easy in traffic, boxing, shoeing, catching and on meeting most scary things on farm

We are very careful about where our horses land and so be prepared for many questions first! If your circumstances change, we ask that the horse is offered back to protect its future.

Contact: Jill and Paula ++44 (0)7836729988, or see us on the PHI Facebook page. Pentland Hills Icelandics, Windy Gowl Farm, Carlops EH269NL



AC Icelandic Horses


We have a selection of horses for sale – please contact us for further details / information at