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Why be an IHSGB member?

  • Belonging to a Worldwide group of people who share your passion
  • Years of combined knowledge and experience of the breed
  • Welcome Pack including information on Local contacts and events in your area
  • Access to Trainers, and information on websites exclusive to the Icelandic Horse.
  • Discounted merchandise from our supporters
  • 4 issues of Sleipnir Magazine exclusive to IHSGB members with discounted rates for advertising
  • Access to FEIF member country magazines
  • Members page on the website
  • Monthly or Bi-monthly email bulletins with FEIF news and links to interesting articles, websites or information
  • Members rates for studbook services including passport and registration of your horse in Worldfengur database
  • Funding grants available for members towards running and attending events
  • Free access to Worldfengur database for IHSGB members
  • Annual show which includes sport classes with members entry rates
  • Annual awards for Pleasure riders
  • Annual awards for Sport Riders in the GB Ranking
  • Annual awards for the best volunteer member
  • Vet certificates for endurance riders
  • Opportunities for youth riders to attend International events and make friends across the world
  • Access to members group on Facebook
  • Free advertising of horses and items for sale on the IHSGB website
  • Free link to your own website (if Icelandic Horse relevant) from the IHSGB website
  • Free advertising of your events on the IHSGB events calendar (Published on the website and in the magazine)
  • Access to posters and leaflets about the Icelandic Horse
  • A surprise gift for your equine friend for new members


What does my membership cost?

The table below shows the membership fees for new, lapsed and overseas members based on the month you join.

Please note: If you are renewing your membership, you pay a yearly sub due 1st August of £36 for a single membership (£41 for overseas and new memberships incl. £5 admin fee) and £45 for a family membership (£50 for overseas and new memberships incl. admin fee).

Month you join Single membership Family membership
Aug 2019 £41.00 £50.00
Sep 2019 £38.00 £46.25
Oct 2019 £35.00 £42.50
Nov 2019 £32.00 £38.75
Dec 2019 £29.00 £35.00
Jan 2020 £26.00 £31.25
Feb 2020 £23.00 £27.50
Mar 20 £20.00 £23.75
Apr 2020 £17.00 £20.00
May 2020 £14.00 £16.25
Jun 2020 Free with August 2019 subs paid now Free with August 2019 subs paid now
Jul 2020 Free with August 2019 subs paid now Free with August 2019 subs paid now
Aug 2020 £41.00 £50.00


How do I join the IHSGB?

1) Choose your membership type – single or family
2) Fill in a membership form & send it to us:

Membership form

3) Make a payment through BACS, cheque or PayPal (below) for your chosen membership

Membership options

Please note: If you are joining through PayPal we still need you to fill out a membership form, even for renewals. This is to make sure your personal info and communication preferences are correct.

If you have any queries, contact our membership administrator.