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  • Are you running or holding a HestFest event?? HestFest placing or souvenir rosettes are available for you to order for your event!!!! Please get in touch with Jemimah on communications@ihsgb.co.uk for more details! Please note we need at least 4 weeks notice to order them in time.rosettes
  • Buy your own HestFest T-shirts with the HestFest logo here: http://feifevents.weebly.com/hestfest-goodies.html 

The shirts are made to order, so order in plenty of time for the HestFest event(s) you want to attend. Any questions – contact Gundula at the email address below.

HF Shirts

30 years young – and counting!! What activities do we all get up to? Due to the fact that we all live so far apart from each other, we are suggesting that the members of IHSGB hold a string of HestFest events across the country, taking place between Easter and the beginning of October.


So, what qualifies as a HestFest event?


The aim is to demonstrate the vast range of activities we enjoy with our horses, how versatile they are, and how much fun can be shared over one season. So a HestFest event is any event, involving more than 5 horses, that fulfils the following conditions:


  1. you choose an object that represents your region, your life with the horses or your sense of community around the horse (this could be a local landmark, or a mascot, or logo, or a motto, or a hip flask – use your imagination!)
  2. you film a short video lasting between 2-5 minutes, showing where you are, and what you are doing with the horses, AND put the above “object” on centre stage.


The “event” could be anything from a Saturday hack, a weekend camp or participating in a local equestrian or agricultural show, or clinic, or an oval track competition, or riding to any of those events, or anything else you do!!! Just as long as you identify the “object” and create a film to celebrate our 30 years!


Please send the video clip to gundula.sharman@gmail.com soon after your event, and not later than 3rd October 2016. The clips will then be put together – thus creating a memento of this important year; horses and riders, up and down the country, with activities ranging from national competition, the FEIF Youth Cup, clinics and workshops to that unbeatable picnic ride on the beach. If all goes to plan, the completed video will be launched at the AGM.


If you fancy organising an event like this, or adding the HestFest elements to an event you are already involved in, please send a note with the date, the venue and the contact details to Jemimah Adams at communications@ihsgb.co.uk, so it will be added to the IHSGB calendar – There is no reason why individual riders should not join several HestFest events throughout the year, keep an eye on the events page for events near you!


For more information, some ideas and a little support, contact Gundula Sharman on gundula.sharman@gmail.com who is also happy to send you copies of the logo, or headed (electronic) notepaper, or download a template invitation here.


HestFest 2016 – Coming together in our passion for the Icelandic horse!