Sleipnir, the official magazine of the IHSGB

Sleipnir is published four times a year, approximately every three months; March, June, September and December. The deadlines for articles are normally a month before and we are always very keen to hear from you about your Icelandic’s, what you have been up to with them or anything of interest!

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We now have back copies of Sleipnir magazine available online, click on the links below. For members – contact the Comms trustee using this contact form for the members only section password where you can access recent editions as PDFs!

The newsletter is also available for online reading using an application called ISSUU. Back copies over 5 years’ are freely available to all and are accessed by searching for ‘IHSGB’. Newer editions than that will be unlisted and available to members only through an ISSUU link or in the members section, so contact us if you’d like more information on how to use ISSUU or the link!

Back copies:


IHSGB Sleipnir Magazine 016-Summer 1991

ISSUU links:…/do…/ihsgb_sleipnir_magazine_022-spring_/1…/docs/035-december_1995_8ffc83002ea9e9/1…/do…/ihsgb_sleipnir_magazine_039-august_/1…/do…/ihsgb_sleipnir_magazine_040-10th_an/1…/ihsgb_sleipnir_magazine_041-spring_…/ihsgb_sleipnir_magazine_043-autumn_