Founded in 1986, the IHSGB (Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain) exists to maintain the purity of the unique Icelandic horse, to promote interest in the breed, to protect the welfare of the breed, and to encourage Icelandic horse breeding and riding competitions.

The British Society is a full member of FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, which has 20 members including Canada and the USA. The IHSGB is the only Icelandic horse association in Britain recognised by FEIF as representing the whole of the United Kingdom.

The IHSGB is a Passport Issuing Organisation, approved by Defra. We provide passports for pure-bred Icelandic horses – see the breeding & studbook section for more information. Please note – if a horse does not have a passport from the IHSGB or another FEIF organisation then it may not be a pure, registered Icelandic horse and will not be able to enter IHSGB events.

The IHSGB publishes four magazines a year, known as Sleipnir, per year with information about Icelandics at home and abroad. Sleipnir is sent out as a paper or PDF via email, and  previous versions are available in the members area. Get in touch with for the members area password.

National Championships are held every year, and every two years Britain sends a team to compete at the World Championships for Icelandic Horses.

IHSGB has members all over Great Britain and there are events over the country. Young members have their own events and can take part in international events organised by FEIF.

Our members are a friendly group, anyone with an interest in the unique Viking horse of Iceland is welcome. For more information on becoming part of the society visit join us or contact


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