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  • Solva Icelandic Horses – Based in South West Wales. Carefully raised homebred horses for sale.  Sole British agent for DeMeulenkamp Itch Off sweet itch blankets and hoods. Also unique hand painted needle felted & silk artwork and clothing featuring Icelandics
  • Caehaf Icelandics – Icelandic horse breeder in Diss, Norfolk
  • Midfield Farm, Cumbria – Horses sometimes for sale. Also the home of Trapezius saddles
  • Oakfield Icelandics – In East Dorset. Horses for sale
  • Pentland Hills Icelandics – Livery, training and horses for sale in the Borders of Scotland
  • Little Viking Horse – Website of the famous Fleygur in South Shropshire
  • TopReiter in the UK – Source of TopReiter goods for Icelandic Horses/Riders. Also suppliers of Ron Fields natural remedies
  • Tweed Icelandic Riding Club (TIRC) – Tweed Icelandic Riding Club
  • Connegar Farm – Website of the Adams’ in Dorset. Homebred and imported horses for sale, training, source of TopReiter and Hestagallery goods for Icelandic horse and rider and Ron Fields Nutrition supplements
  • Houlls Horses and Hounds – Riding lessons and Horse Trekking with Icelandic’s in Shetland


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  • FEIF – The international Icelandic Horse organisation, they have links to web sites from member countries all over the world
  • Hestakaup.com – An independent, non-commercial site offering fantastic online videos, stories and general information about Icelandic horses and the way they are bred, raised and trained in Iceland


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