FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations

As the IHSGB is a member of FEIF, we have the have the opportunity to select a certain number of our youth member to attend  FEIF Youth events, such as:

The FEIF Youth Camp – a fun and social camp for riders ages 14 – 17. The camp is hosted by one of the FEIF member counties. Bringing together young people with passion for the Icelandic Horse from different countries to make friends and learn about other cultures. It includes a variety of horse related activities including some riding.

The FEIF Youth Cup – a competition is held every other year for riders ages of 14 – 17. Hosted by one of the FEIF member countries, the cup consists of a week of training and ends with an oval track competition. The focus of the cup is friendship, teamwork and improving riding skills so riders train and compete in international teams.

The FEIF Young Leaders Seminar

The Young Leaders Seminar is held every year and is hosted by one of the FEIF member countries. The seminars are for young people ages 18 – 26, the aim of the seminars are to help young people to develop and practice leadership skills, teamwork and communication.

More information about FEIF Youth Work and the FEIF Youth events can be found on the FEIF website – www.feif.org/YouthWork