The AGM will use ZOOM Webinar technology.

  • The Host will be Ian Pugh.
  • The Panellists will be the IHSGB Board and Management Team.
  • The Attendees will be the members.

Viewing the AGM

You will be able to see and hear the Host and the Panellists. There are two views available in the Zoom client:

  • a grid view showing the Panellists
  • and a Speaker view showing the active speaker.

When the Host shares a presentation or a video, then you will see that. If you want to focus on a particular view then you can right click on the window and a pop-up menu will appear allowing you to select “Pin”.   The Zoom client varies slightly depending on your device, so the “Pin” method may vary.  On some devices you need to click on “More” or the “3 Dots” symbol.

Participating in the AGM

For an attendee to communicate with the Host and Panellists:

  • Raise your hand – If you want to verbally ask a question during a Questions period, raise your hand and the host will promote you to the panel so that you can speak. Afterwards you will be demoted to an Attendee.  The Raise Hand feature is available in the Participants panel. If you place the mouse cursor over name a pop-up menu should appear.  Depending on your device you may have to click on “More” or the “3 Dots” symbol.

Voting during the AGM

We will be using the Zoom Polling feature to conduct votes.  At the appropriate moment, the host will start the poll. Participants with more than 1 vote will need to send an email to  This will apply to people holding proxy votes, and multiple attendees using a single connection.  There will be 3 minutes to vote.

Problems during the AGM

Please send a chat message to the Host, and we will try to resolve the problem.

Post AGM Survey

After the AGM there will be an on-line survey to assess to successful the on-line technology has been. You will receive an email with a link to this survey.  We would be very appreciative of all feedback, so that we can learn.