The IHSGB is committed to supporting the development and welfare of our Youth members. The IHSGB Youth Leader sits on the IHSGB board of trustees and works with the Education, Sport, Breeding and Leisure Leaders to ensure our youth members have opportunities to: 

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of the Icelandic horse 
  • improve their skills as riders
  • work towards achieving their personal goals and targets 
  • make friends with the same passion for the Icelandic horse. 

The Youth leader also represents IHSGB youth members at FEIF and takes the IHSGB board lead for child safeguarding, supported by the IHSGB Safeguarding Officer.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions regarding Youth, or would like to help with Youth – please email Becca at

IHSGB Young Rider Badges

The Young Rider Badges levels are available on the IHSGB website here. The badges aim to help improve and develop young rider’s knowledge of the Icelandic horse and their skills as a rider. Rider’s can start at level 1 – Basic knowledge and understanding of the Icelandic Horse, working through the levels to a higher advanced level of knowledge and understanding of the Icelandic Horse, technical and sport riding.

For more information or to register interest in the Young Rider Badges contact or . You will be sent an information pack with all the information you need for each level.

IHSGB Youth Facebook Group

A closed group for IHSGB youth members and parents. Keep up to date with IHSGB and FEIF Youth events and activities, new initiatives, news and discussions.

Our youth members are important for the future of the IHSGB. We’re committed to the development and welfare of our youth members.

We aim to provide our youth members with opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Icelandic Horse, improve their skills as riders and make friends! Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Organising the application, selection and arrangements for FEIF Youth Events
  • Running Youth classes at events such as the British Championships
  • Highest Placed Youth Awards at events
  • Youth E-bulletin

 FEIF Youth Events

As a member association of FEIF-International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, the IHSGB can select a certain number of our Youth members to attend FEIF Youth Events such as the FEIF International Youth Camp, FEIF Youth Cup and the FEIF Young Leaders Seminar. The Youth Camp and Youth Cup take place in alternating years, and are hosted by one of its member countries.

The IHSGB Youth Leader

The national Youth Leader sits on the board of trustees of the IHSGB. The Youth Leader is responsible for taking your comments, opinions and ideas to the trustee board monthly meetings, representing IHSGB Youth at FEIF, and helping the steer the direction of IHSGB Youth.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved, please email Becca at


Lights, Camera, Action!

FEIF Youth Work – International Video Competition

The theme for 2020... "Dreaming of... "<- you fill the gap

You don’t need to be a member of the IHSGB to enter. Entry is open to all young
people involved in Icelandic horses up to age 18 (have their 18 th birthday this year).

You don’t need a horse to take part! You can include photographs, or old videos
of your horse. Riding is optional not required.

Teams of 4-6 young people up to age 18 involved with the Icelandic horse are to
produce a video/film of 3-5 minutes on the theme “Dreaming of….”

The story, setting, music, etc. are free for the team to decide, however there are
some rules and requirements.

The films are to be submitted by October 1 st 2020* to The films will be judged by our panel of judges, the top five film will be submitted to FEIF by the 15th October* to be judged by an international panel, who will determine the overall top three films.

* Submission deadline may be changed depending on both national and international

Any questions, let me (Becca) know or to enter see our registration form below!